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Automated Payroll

An automated payroll system enables the employer to process their payroll through a computerized system.

In a company, payroll is the sum of all financial records of employee salaries, including salaries, bonuses and deductions, which are paid for the services they rendered during a certain period of time; However, the time used to carry out this process can be tedious and prone to errors if you do not have the updated information, and even more when talking about companies with a broad workforce.

A payroll system is responsible for carrying out this process, being this a computer solution designed to maximize the productivity of the people in charge of registering and correctly controlling all aspects of the payroll of the employees of the companies, allowing to reduce the excessive workloads and decreasing errors.

Benefits of using an automated payroll system

  • Easy to use: Using a payroll system is very simple and you do not need too technical knowledge or a specialized template for its use.
  • Speed: The system of payment of manual payroll -not automated- can take a long time, since you must have all the information of the employee to be able to calculate your salary, in addition to increasing the disorder; With a payroll system all you have to do is click, as all the information is automatically recorded.
  • Multi-operativo: A payroll system, in addition to calculating the corresponding salary, helps to keep a register of additions and cancellations, as well as administration of funds or savings accounts, settlements and settlements, control and monitoring of vacations, among others.
  • Constant follow-up: The payroll system allows a detailed record of the days the employee has been absent, those who have requested vacations and their contributions, among other benefits
  • Most automated payroll software tool capable of managing all payroll processes in a simple way, in addition to carrying the calculation and control of all tax obligations in a 100% automated way.
  • It has a variety of tools that allow for precise control, eliminating manual tasks, nullifying works done in spreadsheets that cause a disintegration of information.

Finally, the payroll system makes your life simpler and your payroll process less complicated. In this way the benefits you get are comprehensive, on the one hand, the company has the advantage of eliminating repetitive activities, the hours invested in the creation of payroll decreases and productivity increases.

For their part, employees have less stress and are more confident in their tasks. The payroll process becomes dynamic, optimal, efficient and above all reliable.

– Rinku Mukherjee Bhate is the founder CEO of Career Stroke. She has worked with leading HR organizations in India in the past. She possesses over 24 years of experience offering a vast bouquet of services like executive search, head hunting, corporate training, compensation surveys, employee satisfaction studies, retained search, policy manual services, counseling, etc.