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The ever growing changes that takes place in our society makes it necessary to adopt inclusive and diversity management. Most countries have not fully grasped the opportunities that Diversity Management offers in terms of improving the corporate atmosphere, employer branding and increasing performance. Yet, a 2018 research highlights that the greater the diversity of the workforce, the higher the profits and the possibility of generating value.

What does Diversity mean?

Diversity means the gender, age, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability, family burden. In India the strategies of Diversity Management are mainly oriented towards the theme of equal opportunities: in the Boot, women still struggle to obtain salary levels equal to those of male colleagues and clash, in many work contests, with the so-called ” crystal roof ” which stops them from having equal career chances. In this, companies can do so much and offer workers targeted welfare projects and internal management policies with a high degree of flexibility.


The performance of heterogeneous teams is better

A careful examination of the results of those who adopt specific inclusive policies in the company, proves that diversity is not a problem to be managed, but an opportunity to bear fruit. A varied work team is on average more efficient than one in which standardization predominates. Not to mention that an inclusive and careful human resource management strategy helps to promote a positive image of the workplace, attracting top talent from different places and favoring a dynamic context. On the other hand, a very rigid company in this sense risks not only impoverishing its team, but also being negatively perceived by the market and the media. Coca-Cola, for example, has made its own Diversity management policies a communicative lever, supporting the Paralympic Games and the Pride Days for years.

Sensitive and committed on this front, Apple has produced a video that is a sort of manifesto for an Apple generation ” more” different “than it has ever been before”. Because, humanity is plural and not unique and ideas and innovations are born and developed when we are able to value different points of view that arise from environments, values, sensitivities, multiform situations.

Diversity Management: the interventions to be implemented

To be able to achieve these results, Diversity Management implements actions aimed at a more effective inclusive practice in the company: some initiatives become so fundamental.

Among these:

recruiting interventions to make the workforce as varied as possible in relation to gender, age, disability, nationality, religion, sexual orientation;

training programs on issues related to diversity to increase the level of inclusiveness of the workplace and employees;

Measuring these aspects allows the organization to take appropriate countermeasures in the event that management or employees have little inclination to be included, or to confirm the feeling of being on the right path, if the test results are positive.

The theme of Diversity and Inclusion is a very important aspect for those involved in managing human resources in the company.


– Rinku Mukherjee Bhate is the founder CEO of Career Stroke. She has worked with leading HR organizations in India in the past. She possesses over 24 years of experience offering a vast bouquet of services like executive search, head hunting, corporate training, compensation surveys, employee satisfaction studies, retained search, policy manual services, counseling, etc.