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Employee Satisfaction Survey

Employees are the assets of any company. It is your workforce that makes things happen for the company and helps take it to the next

level. When your employee isn’t satisfied, it will reflect on your company’s performance, customer satisfaction, and ultimately takes its toll on your profits.

Employee’s turnover costs are huge in addition to the cost of training, support and infrastructure. Imagine losing a talented employee and

its impact on the company’s performance, and overall cost!

With an effective employee satisfaction survey, you can find out where you need to focus on to retain such talents and increase your


How do we Help?

An employee satisfaction survey takes time and resources. Companies can forgo this additional cost by outsourcing the process of

surveying to the professional employee engagement survey providers like Career Stroke. For the last 6 years, we have been working towards

the best way to measure employee satisfaction in an organization.

With the data in your hand you can:

  • Improve employee satisfaction and engagement.
  • Increase their loyalty.
  • Boost their morale.
  • Reduce cost and step-up productivity.
  • Better service quality and increase customer satisfaction.

Our Solutions

Be your company big or small, we have solutions!

  • We conduct surveys using perfectly crafted questions that delve deep into the employee’s perspectiveof the company.
  • For an efficient employee engagement during the survey, we have developed a method to engageemployees with a welcoming message.
  • We monitor employee responses with real-time reporting.
  • We also create and run customized reports after the survey to help keep the process efficient andsimple.
  • For a truthful survey, it is essential that the surveys be confidential. We give you total control overwho can access the reports.

Choose Us for Your Needs!

Staff engagement survey with Career Stroke is your one-stop solution to retaining and improving the performance of

your employees. We are one of the leading employee engagement survey companies with a reliable, relevant and performance-driven employee

survey service. We can create the survey from scratch or help you manage the existing survey and improve upon it. Come and get the solutions here!