Career Stroke

Career Stroke has an expertise in catering to unique and multiple position needs through its advertised search service which uses national or local media chosen as per the position needs. We also provide excellent advice depending on the position needs and suggest the best medium to be used for the same.

Why Advertised Search?

Using Advertised Search, clients, in addition to hiring amongst the best talents, can also have additional benefits like enhanced employer branding in the corporate sector and a reinforced market position.

Apart from this, the process also increases a general awareness of the company which leads to people with better employee branding to be interested in working with our clients.

Why Choose Us?

Career Stroke’s Advertised Search services are specially required when you have requirements which are unique to your industry or for the same position talents in various regional units. For this

  • We carefully design the employer branding strategies.
  • We analyze your business needs, main target groups and optimize the employer value.
  • We carefully screen applicants from the crowd of applicants for a position and only provide you the befitting talents to be interviewed.
  • We use effective promotional strategies to attract skilled applicants for all job positions including senior positions.
  • We research and discuss with clients to make certain that the advertisement is placed in the best medium possible.

Apart from providing you with our services, we also make sure that we are always within your reach! Our clients have often appreciated the speed, efficiency, timely response and aptness of our response. For your Advertised Search

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