Career Stroke

Anxiety, stress and overwhelm are unfortunately the bane of modern lifestyle. It doesn’t matter whether one experiences this in family life or professional life. While it may cause one person to feel depressed and do nothing, another may cope by packing in too much in their life by being busy all the time. Regardless of the coping mechanism, one becomes numb to life’s pleasures and life feels lacking in purpose and fulfilment.

 Meet Anuradha, a certified mentor of The Energy Alignment Method® (EAM), an internationally recognized complementary therapy, self-help, and transformation technique. Anuradha helps her clients lead fulfilling lives through transforming their mental, emotional, and physiological state using EAM.

 Having grown up in India, Anuradha has a Master’s degree in Computer

Applications and Bachelor’s degrees in Science and Indian classical vocal music. She has 30+ years of corporate experience, leading multimillion dollar technology transformation programmes at a global scale with multicultural teams and has lived in India, USA and UK. She has been residing in the UK since 2006.

She brings into her practice a 360° view of a situation with her background in science, experience with multiple cultures and training in several different healing, wellbeing & spiritual modalities including EAM.