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Career Counselling Experts


Rinku believes that career counselling is much more than filling a form and suggesting one of the 16 personality traits. With more than 15 years of enriched experience in the field of holistic counselling and over 25,000 courses, careers and colleges to choose from, students, right from 8th standard to working professionals can benefit from the counselling sessions with Rinku. During those one-on-one meeting sessions with the individuals (along with parents in case of students), she resolves career confusions by considering one’s natural potential, personality, interest and study habits, apart from marks scoring trends. Similar methodology is followed for senior professionals – their experience, interest, life goals, etc decide on the future goal and course of action.  She also guides in career exploration, resume preparation, interview techniques and job search strategies.

Sanjyot Pethe-Training Expert


Talk about transformational learning experience, and you have Sanjyot arriving on the scene. These sets of experiences authored by her reveal the characteristics that influence how individuals think, communicate and interact in the workplace.  In her two decades of experience, she has mentored leadership teams to sort out issues, create strategies, build culture, bring about specific changes in people. She supports individuals, groups and organizations through body work, exploring and integrating the unconscious, integrating the Masculine/Feminine energy and theatre. Some of the areas of applications are self leadership, interpersonal relationships, creativity, visioning, personal growth, emotional and spiritual wisdom, trauma healing, resilience, stress management, well being, dealing with emotional abuse, power, joy and self esteem. She is well equipped with counselling tools in psychometric profiling such as Workplace Big 5, MBTI, DiSC.