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Compensation Survey

“Money is a powerful motivator”.

When it comes to human resources, money in the form of salary reaps dual advantages. Not only does it reward the employees for their contribution towards the organization’s success but it also assists the organization itself to retain and inspire its workers. But in a world where cut-throat competition is running loose, how does one ensure that the objectives of the organization and the goals of the employees remain in sync? With a compensation survey!


Why Conduct a Compensation Survey?

  • As a tool for salary benchmarking against well-researched and comprehensive surveys.
  • To obtain updated and accurate particulars about compensation being offered in specific industrial sectors and geographical regions.
  • For detailed information regarding the prevailing market rate, thus enabling a company to know the compensation packages being offered by its competitors.
  • For a perfect salary search as it helps an organization design fair, transparent and just compensation systems.
  • Aids in devising attractive salary packages and in implementing competitive reward strategies.

Why Choose Career Stroke?

At Career Stroke, a strategic business unit of Market Intelligence Group, our primary

objective is to ensure that a compensation survey meets your specific HR requirements.

  • We provide error-free and precise data to help you prepare effective compensation plans.
  • Be it a novel start-up or an established corporation, our plans are designed for all sizes.
  • Your survey subscription can be customized to include only the job functions or the industries that you are looking for.
  • We use time-tested, standard and proven methodologies of data gathering and statistical analysis.
  • Our surveys contain both quantifiable and non-quantifiable aspects, ranging from base salaries, merit increases and incentives to educational or training requirements, working hours and working conditions.
  • We provide appropriate surveyor salary to ensure that the quality of work remains high.

In today’s competitive world, salary comparison is the one sure-shot way to retain competent employees. More so, by undertaking salary benchmarking against a job role, an organization can provide the very best to and derive the very best from its employees. For your Survey needs, click here!