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Executive Job Search – think as an employer

April 26, 2019

If you are looking for your next job, think as an employer

With lots of executive candidates available on the market to this day, you should do so an amazing and distinctive job at selling yourself as the only solution to your prospective employer. To accomplish this, you need to craft a management resume that gets results the very first time and sets you apart from the competition. To your executive job search, you need to keep in mind that you’re a product for sale / hire and the employer or company hiring is the consumer with a considerable need to fill at the executive level. An organization hiring at the executive level has a critical need the Board of Directors must fulfill and it is important to realize that time is of the essence.

Remember, the longer an amount of time the position remains empty, the more risk the organization or company has. Using this info to your benefit, make sure that your executive resume is specially created to perfectly fit the current and future needs of the company you are interviewed for.
Let them know you’re able to meet and exceed their company goals. In business, in general, you can offer the least expensive product or a service or product with the best value. The same is true when investing in people at the executive level and once discussing compensation. These organizations will purchase the least expensive office supplies, but you can be sure they’ll invest properly in business executives to carry the organization to another level.To further demonstrate your professional value, be sure to highlight your past successes in your career history. Always use hard and quantifiable numbers to build your story which may include sales numbers, revenue growth, cost reductions, or goals achieved or exceeded. Such quantifiable data will assist build your worth in your executive resume and give you maximum impact to get the job.

Even at the executive level, employment recruiters and Human Resource departments review countless resumes and give only one second to each unless there are elements that help stand you out from the crowd.
If you do not include formatting and text that attracts the reader, you might find yourself in the dreaded trash pile.Use the current needs of the company to add some examples and language in both your executive resume and cover letter so the reader will be capable to relate better. You will want to really understand the goals of the company you are interviewing for so that you can properly tailor your writing to meet their needs. You should use certain visual text elements including bold and italics, but use sparingly so you do not distract the reader.

Rinku Mukherjee Bhate is the founder CEO of Career Stroke. She has worked with leading HR organizaions in India in the past. She possesses over 24 years of experience offering a vast bouquet of services like executive search, head hunting, corporate training, compensation surveys, employee satisfaction studies, retained search, policy manual services, counseling, etc.


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The first thing to recognize in the job search is that—for the most part—it’s not about you. Sure, you’re in control for the first 10% of the search: You get to decide where you’re going to apply, and to what kind of work you’re suited. It’s up to you to determine whether you can imagine a life North Dakota—a fertile area for job growth–or if you must accede to your family’s demand that you stay in Boston. Once you’ve been offered the job, and before you’ve accepted, you’re in the driver’s seat again. That’s when you get to negotiate for more money, a better title, or time off for your best friend’s wedding. But, for the middle part of the job search, the focus is entirely on the needs of the employer, and whether they think you’re the best person for the job.

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