Career Stroke

The most crucial part of the headhunting process, for the HR headhunters, is to understand precisely what to search for, with regards to personnel and what the key features of the profile are. They also need to understand why would someone want to leave his/her current job in order to join the organisation. All this and more get assembled in an initial headhunters consultancy meeting, in which the needed details are discussed. With the necessary information attained, the headhunting team then is in a strong position to move to the next stage – research.

The HR headhunting team needs to be extremely experienced and focused. The team must possess the skill to collect, analyze, and organize research and intelligence data along with in-depth knowledge of the commercial environment. They should possess the skill to understand organisational hierarchies, with adequate mapping capability to map talents within a business. After the research is done, the list of appropriate candidates is created and verified by the headhunter, who can then begin with making approaches to those candidates.

Headhunting never relies on advertising positions or on any Curriculum Vitae database. The best talent has to be found through focused headhunting. The majority of the candidates approached aren’t searching for a brand new job, hence HR headhunters job is always on the thread.

The consultant has to represent the opportunity and gain the candidate’s interest, while getting him/her to commit to the opening. At this stage, HR headhunters may have a series of phone conversations with the candidate wherein all the relevant pieces of information are gathered. Also, probing is needed where their regions of discontent lie within their current role. The list of the short-listed candidates is now ready to be presented to the client, to be carried forward from there. HR headhunters will always be there as an interface between the client and the candidates.

Headhunters team’s main objective is obviously to exceed your expectation, thereby leaving you to go on with the running of one’s business while HR headhunters busy themselves with delivering the ideal candidates for you to meet.


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