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Importance of employee engagement and ways to improve it

Employee engagement is the emotional connection of the employee with the organization they are employed in. These engagement activities tend to influence employee behaviour and level of efforts in the work-related activities.

Engaged employees always walk the extra mile to contribute to the success of the organization. Employees put their best in roles to bring success to the company. The employee, who is more passionate about his work is, in fact, the best person who could speak with the customers. The reason being, they believe that by helping the customers, better customer experience is likely to be delivered, as compared with others. Employee engagement also helps in increasing the retention of the best employees. Most importantly, it makes the employees feel that they are successful in making a meaningful impact on their work.


Gauge employee feeling through SURVEYS and QUESTIONNAIRS

  • Conduct surveys and questioners.
  • Hold informal team meetings and discuss the common issues the team is facing. And ask each of them, what measures could be taken to improve various issues, anyone might be facing.
  • Taking the opinions of the team will make them feel empowered, and they are likely to get more engaged.


LISTEN to them

This is another effective way to increase workforce engagement in the organization. If an issue is identified, it should be visibly acted upon. If the employees become aware that the management is not only listing them but also working to make it change, workforce engagement turns to be more effective in your organization.


SHARE good practices between teams

This effective engagement strategy is sure going to strengthen the links between your employees. The employees of the organization feel motivated when their best work is recognized and praised. It also opens the doors for peer-to-peer learning. You can either create a talent development platform or, notify it at meetings to foster engagement.


GIVE VOICE to your employees 

Apart from conducting annual surveys for the employees, the HR team should facilitate channels, which allow the employees to give their feedback as well as raise issues in the organization. Having discussion forums can be the apt platforms for the employees to air their concerns.


BRING FLEXIBILITY in the workplace

Accommodate flexible shifts in office for employees while, not losing too much control. Give the employees the flexibility they deserve. You can give the option to work from home provided, they handle things effectively and work sincerely, as they do when they are at the workplace. You may stay flexible to the time they report to work, as long as they take accountability for their job responsibilities.


INCORPORATE fun at work 

Fun at work has good chances to increase your workforce engagement so that, employees don’t feel ‘dragged to work’. There are many ways to incorporate fun at work, which enhances workforce engagement and productivity of the employees as well. A way could be to celebrate birthdays and achievements of every employee.

The Bottom line is, employee engagement is all about building a positive mindset among the employees of the organization. Work is just about chasing dollars; if your workforce is not engaged, they will lose focus on the work which affects the productivity of the organization as a whole.





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Sandeep Dhawan

Very valid points. One can make out the difference between companies with good practices and companies without.

August 16, 2020

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