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Career Stroke experts are here to make you attain your goals and objectives with the help of Transformational Life & Career Coaching. The experts are equipped to do group as well as one to one mentoring session either online or offline (by finalizing a venue for the discussion in selected cities).

We are here 

  • to mentor professionals in their leadership roles,
  • to help business owners run their companies and achieve their business goals,
  • to help recent grads and young professionals choose their proper career paths, and
  • to guide students who have to choose their career paths at the school level through personality testing

Benefits of Leadership Coaching and Mentoring

A leadership role is a position in an organization that requires you to manage people, situations and tasks effectively and ethically. Every aspect and type of leadership within an organization, functions to shape and guide the organization. Leaders use their abilities, influence and title to help a project, a team or a company as a whole to progress.

People in leadership roles should consider hiring a leadership coach to learn or polish their existing essential leadership skills and gain confidence in the so very demanding role. Seasoned leaders should hire a leadership coach to overcome a plateau, solve a specific challenge, or accelerate the success of a particular goal.

A leadership coach at Career Stroke, not only helps to increase the skills and confidence of a leader, but also acts as a co-pilot, helping the leader in the trenches with specific challenges and goals personal to the leader.

Benefits of Business Coaching and Mentoring

Staying on your track is very important to run a business. Running a business can make you feel as if constantly you are pulled in multiple directions. In such a busy and mind boggling situation it’s tough to know whether you are taking the right approach to reaching your goals.

You don’t have to do it alone. You can get the support you need from a Business Coach.

Career Stroke is here with you all along till you see the goal. Whether

you want to start a new business, or

you want to diversify to a new line of business, or

your business is facing some challenges or

you just want to take it to the next level…

Career Stroke’s Business Coaches are with you to support your goals and provide you with a blueprint to success. You will gain the tactics, skills and insight you need to achieve professional, financial and personal growth. 

Benefits of Consulting with a Career Counselor for proper Career paths

Seeking professional career guidance is critical. A competent career advisor should be sought out at the critical point in life where one needs to make a crucial career decision.

At Career Stroke, career counselors can point you in the right direction in terms of your professional development.

Career guidance can help a person figure out what they want to do for a living. It allows a recent grad to assess all of the variables involved in deciding on a career path. At the same time, it can assist more senior and experienced personnel in exploring other options for their professional futures.

Benefits of getting Career Guidance at school level

Starting early to hire a coach for career guidance ensures career success hugely.

At Career Stroke, the coach and counselors take special care to see how well your personality matches with the career path you want to follow.

An extensive, in depth analysis is done through a personality test and by talking to you and your parents.  To understand your special interests, strengths and weaknesses, the  experts may make you and your parents revisit your childhood and growing up years to see how well you shall cope in a particular career path and its environment.

Through separate sessions, an expert is able to get an insight into your personality and then suggest the career options best suited for you.

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