Career Stroke

Inner Strength. Confidence. Resilience. Empowered.
We want to enjoy that inner strength.
We want to feel confident in anything that we strive to do.
We want to be resilient under any situation.
We want to be empowered.

Trust me. Its all there inside us. But the pain and trauma that we have undergone in our life makes it unrealistic even to feel it is inside us.

Where does this go from here?

Confusion. Turmoil. Clutter.
Can the wrong be un-wronged?

Isn’t it time to free from these negative feelings and thoughts resulting into detrimental actions? But these negative feelings and the associated trauma just wouldn’t get you away, like a ghost.
Feel relieved now. Rinku is here to help you beat the path to its fruition.
What you need is your behavioural traits, body language and communication to undergo a professional scrutiny. Rinku as a seasoned Life, Leadership and Relationship Coach is here to understand you better than yourself from a professional perspective.
She uncovers the limitations that her clients have imposed onto themselves and works with them to move forward.
She believes that each one has the ability to reach their highest potential to create the change that will make the world a better place to live. Having said that, she knows, that too often people get stuck and have the feeling that they can’t.
Rinku wants to change that in each person she meets in her sessions.
Rinku is gifted with compassion and desirous of making a difference to people’s lives whether personal or professional.
She is a Neuro Linguistic Programming Coach (NLP) and Practitioner, equipped to help people by influencing the patterns of thoughts in the brain culminating into positive behaviour and improved psychological wellbeing.