Career Stroke

Revenue being the keyword in an organization, Sales and Business Development functions are defacto lifelines of all businesses. Revenues are generated by people laced with two skills – motivation and presentation.

Success of an organization depends on the highly motivated team, able to drive revenue growth by representing the organization, to present products and services to customers in the most convincing and authentic way.

A few people have a natural flair for negotiations and selling, but it is said that the best sales professionals are not born but trained through creating real life situations.

Career Stroke’s programs are customized based on the businesses of our clients. A thorough research is done before the modules are framed.

A few common modules that our experts have developed are:

  • Goal setting for Sales
  • Lead Generation tactics (Online & Offline)
  • Email Strategies
  • Email Response Strategies
  • Rapport Building
  • B2B & B2C Sales techniques
  • Negotiation Skills

and more…