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  1. Search Services –






  • Executive Search






Career Stroke is a leading recruitment agency in the Executive Search and Recruitment practice for a variety of Industries and Regions. Our executive search process is conducted with the objective of finding the most suitable talents with exceptional skills and credentials with the fastest possible turn-around time, to ensure our clients get the right person for every opening the first time and every time.

  • Objective of finding the most suitable talents with exceptional skills and credentials
  • Leading in market
  • Working for the variety of Industries and Regions.
  • Fastest possible TAT taken to get d
  • one with it

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·        Head Hunting –









           0020Customized Headhunting Solutions

Matching the right talent with the right organization is what we do at Career Stroke. We are a leading recruitment process outsourcing service provider in India, assisting organizations to find the right people matching their needs. And we help Executives find the ideal workplace in their niche, where they can utilize their professional skills to the fullest and take their career and the company to the next level.

Why Choose Head-hunter Companies?

Head hunters can make the recruitment process easy and effortless. And that too at a competitive price! We at Career Stroke have been offering headhunting services to various organizations looking for a reliable and cost-effective solution.

Finding The Best Talents

One of the hindrances in landing the right candidate is that most of the talents in top positions aren’t actively looking for a job. They are happy with their current jobs and perks.

It then becomes a head-hunter’s job to help them realize that a change is vital for their career growth. So how do we do this?

Ø  We do a thorough research on a candidate’s profile making sure they have the right personality attributes, professional requirement to match the performance demand of your organization.

Ø  Our expert team has years of experience and a deep understanding of Human Resources Management, and the latest corporate culture with its unique requirements.

Ø  As a leading corporate headhunter, we help companies find the right candidates for their Senior and Top management positions.

          Customized HR Solutions

        Whether you are a large or a mid-sized company, you can rely on our customized    headhunting services.

  • We are a corporate headhunter offering HR solutions to organizations with quick and prompt service that saves time.
  • Every organization has a unique culture. We strive to match candidates who can thrive in the company.
  • Expert headhunters can find the best-matched talents and convince them to take the job with you.

Let Career Stroke help you find the right candidate with ease! Get a Quote!

  • Turn Key Staffing




Appropriate, adequate, and well-trained staff is one of the most crucial elements of an organisation. Not only does it provide a semblance of professionalism but it also ensures that the essential functions of a company are performed with a firm hand.

But in an era of limited talents who are being constantly sought by competitive recruiters, how is it possible to conveniently meet your staffing needs?

The answer to this is turnkey staffing.

What Is Turnkey Staffing?

Most companies either do not have the time or the resources to hire suitable professionals when the need is for a gamut of recruitments either for a new project or setting up at a new location. More so, with competitors offering attractive packages, highly qualified talent appears to be out of reach. This is where turnkey staffing offers a solution. It provides you with the right person for the right job, without incurring any extra costs and your precious time for the whole recruitment process.

How Does Career Stroke Help?

Career Stroke is the best turnkey provider in the industry today. Unlike other temporary agencies, we offer a multitude of benefits while taking care of your turnkey needs like:

  • We help our clients save their valuable time so that they can focus on their core business areas.
  • As a turnkey provider, we perform staffing functions from the senior most to the junior most levels of hierarchy.
  • We have finished successful turnkey staffing projects for clients who have relocated, expanded or started a new division.
  • Our staffing services are sector and region specific.
  • We conduct a detailed evaluation of the skills and experiences of a talent before hiring them.
  • We match them to the work which best suits their competency.
  • We aim to understand our clients in terms of their company profile and professional requirements.
  • We find smart solutions for our client’s staffing needs.
  • We offer both permanent and temporary recruitment staff.
  • We are not just another temp agency which offers interim solutions. Our solutions are lasting and enduring.
  • Instead of short-term associations, we harbour long-term relationships.

At a time when a lot of temporary agencies have cropped up, deciding which one to go to for is indeed difficult.

However, it is always better to opt for those who focus on both providing services and building relationships. After all, what is turnkey staffing if not an instrument of cultivating precious human resources!

Let Career Stroke help you find the right candidate with ease! Get a Quote!


  • Advertised Search –








Career Stroke has an expertise in catering to unique and multiple position needs through its advertised search service which uses national or local media chosen as per the position needs. We also provide excellent advice depending on the position needs and suggest the best medium to be used for the same.

Why Advertised Search?

Using Advertised Search, clients, in addition to hiring amongst the best talents, can also have additional benefits like enhanced employer branding in the corporate sector and a reinforced market position.

Apart from this, the process also increases a general awareness of the company which leads to people with better employee branding to be interested in working with our clients.

Why Choose Us?

Career Stroke’s Advertised Search services are specially required when you have requirements which are unique to your industry or for the same position talents in various regional units. For this

  • We carefully design the employer branding strategies.
  • We analyze your business needs, main target groups and optimize the employer value.
  • We carefully screen applicants from the crowd of applicants for a position and only provide you the befitting talents to be interviewed.
  • We use effective promotional strategies to attract skilled applicants for all job positions including senior positions.
  • We research and discuss with clients to make certain that the advertisement is placed in the best medium possible.

Apart from providing you with our services, we also make sure that we are always within your reach! Our clients have often appreciated the speed, efficiency, timely response and aptness of our response. For your Advertised Search

Let Career Stroke help you find the right candidate with ease! Get a Quote!



  1. Learning And Development








  • Communication & Presentation Skills:




Effective communication acts as a bridge between two or more individuals, to easily convey any message, learning or feeling from one to the other.  We must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world, whether one is working in the business community, strengthening one’s personal relationships or simply seeking to increase one’s comfort in reaching out to others.

Our experts at Career Stroke have developed some brilliant modules that fulfill the organizational needs in totality. Needless to comment, these modules are fully customizable considering vast array of client needs:

  • Communication types and styles
  • Verbal and Non-verbal communication
  • Written communication
  • Conversational skills
  • Communicating in groups
  • Presentation skills using technology
  • Resolving conflicts in communication. – Negotiation strategies
  • Receiving and delivering constructive criticism

and more…


  • Customer Service & Care:




One of the best ways to generate new business is to retain old customers through proper service and care. It benefits marketing and sales efforts. Your great care for old customers bears fruits by word of mouth. Also, by providing good customer service experiences, old customers associate that good feeling with the transaction. They will stick with you for further needs.

Career Stroke experts ensure that the learning would be based on the products or services our clients are dealing in. A few suggestive modules are:

  • Attitude, skills and knowledge needed for a successful customer service experience
  • Reviving valued lost customers
  • Handling customer complaints and documenting each customer experience as a case study
  • Understanding customer loyalty and engaging them based on that
  • Understand the concept of exceeding customer expectations in each customer interaction

and more…


  • Leadership & Management:




Just as there is no standard medicine for all the ailments, our Leadership and Management Development programs are customized too and are built to sync around the culture of the respective organization.

Some unique programs done by our experts at Career Stroke are:

  • Developing strong communication skills
  • Developing leadership skills in existing and budding managers
  • Coaching in teams or one to one for improved employee performance
  • How to increase and maintain employee engagement (for HR managers and HOD’s)
  • SMART Goal setting and accountability
  • Limiting stress at the work place
  • Managing conflict
  • Improving problem solving and decision-making skills
  • Strategic planning
  • Time management and productivity

and more…


  • Personal Effectiveness:



Does it occur to you that you haven’t achieved all what you are capable of? That you have not been able to reach your full potential? That you deserve higher levels of decision making than where you are right now?

Its time to talk to Career Stroke. 

Our experts would be more than happy to facilitate you to enhance your Personal Effectiveness through various learnings:

  • Goal Setting
  • Rapport building & Negotiation Skills
  • Analytical Skills and thinking out of the box
  • Team Building
  • Conflict and Stress Management
  • Motivational Skills

and more…


  • Sales and Business Development:



Revenue being the keyword in an organization, Sales and Business Development functions are defacto lifelines of all businesses. Revenues are generated by people laced with two skills – motivation and presentation.

Success of an organization depends on the highly motivated team, able to drive revenue growth by representing the organization, to present products and services to customers in the most convincing and authentic way.

A few people have a natural flair for negotiations and selling, but it is said that the best sales professionals are not born but trained through creating real life situations. Career Stroke’s programs are customized based on the businesses of our clients. A thorough research is done before the modules are framed.

A few common modules that our experts have developed are:

  • Goal setting for Sales
  • Lead Generation tactics (Online & Offline)
  • Email Strategies
  • Email Response Strategies
  • Rapport Building
  • B2B & B2C Sales techniques
  • Negotiation Skills

and more…



  1. Transformational Life & Career Coaching –







Career Stroke experts are here to make you attain your goals and objectives with the help of Transformational Life & Career Coaching. The experts are equipped to do group as well as one to one mentoring session either online or offline (by finalizing a venue for the discussion in selected cities).

We are here 

  • to mentor professionals in their leadership roles,
  • to help business owners run their companies and achieve their business goals,
  • to help recent grads and young professionals choose their proper career paths, and
  • to guide students who have to choose their career paths at the school level through personality testing


Benefits of Leadership Coaching and Mentoring

A leadership role is a position in an organization that requires you to manage people, situations and tasks effectively and ethically. Every aspect and type of leadership within an organization, functions to shape and guide the organization. Leaders use their abilities, influence and title to help a project, a team or a company as a whole to progress.


People in leadership roles should consider hiring a leadership coach to learn or polish their existing essential leadership skills and gain confidence in the so very demanding role. Seasoned leaders should hire a leadership coach to overcome a plateau, solve a specific challenge, or accelerate the success of a particular goal.


A leadership coach at Career Stroke, not only helps to increase the skills and confidence of a leader, but also acts as a co-pilot, helping the leader in the trenches with specific challenges and goals personal to the leader.


Benefits of Business Coaching and Mentoring

Staying on your track is very important to run a business. Running a business can make you feel as if constantly you are pulled in multiple directions. In such a busy and mind boggling situation it’s tough to know whether you are taking the right approach to reaching your goals.

You don’t have to do it alone. You can get the support you need from a Business Coach.

Career Stroke is here with you all along till you see the goal. Whether

you want to start a new business, or

you want to diversify to a new line of business, or

your business is facing some challenges or

you just want to take it to the next level…

Career Stroke’s Business Coaches are with you to support your goals and provide you with a blueprint to success. You will gain the tactics, skills and insight you need to achieve professional, financial and personal growth. 


Benefits of Consulting with a Career Counselor for proper Career paths

Seeking professional career guidance is critical. A competent career advisor should be sought out at the critical point in life where one needs to make a crucial career decision.

At Career Stroke, career counselors can point you in the right direction in terms of your professional development.

Career guidance can help a person figure out what they want to do for a living. It allows a recent grad to assess all of the variables involved in deciding on a career path. At the same time, it can assist more senior and experienced personnel in exploring other options for their professional futures.




Benefits of getting Career Guidance at school level

Starting early to hire a coach for career guidance ensures career success hugely.

At Career Stroke, the coach and counselors take special care to see how well your personality matches with the career path you want to follow.

An extensive, in depth analysis is done through a personality test and by talking to you and your parents.  To understand your special interests, strengths and weaknesses, the  experts may make you and your parents revisit your childhood and growing up years to see how well you shall cope in a particular career path and its environment.

Through separate sessions, an expert is able to get an insight into your personality and then suggest the career options best suited for you.




Career Stroke – the best in Career Counseling and Coaching

Career Stroke ranks as one of the top career counselors and recruitment agencies in India because of its unique approach.

Career counseling might seem like a basic Job or task description, but the reality is far more complicated than that. It’s a challenge to identify the attributes that will assist a person succeed in their individual fields of work. It is possible that many people may argue that they are the ideal job advisor for their family because of their wisdom and long-term experiences. The truth, on the other hand, tells a different tale.

Individuals must also grasp the significance of both conventional and non-traditional job paths. This is why our counselors also make the clients aware of the ramifications as well as the advantages and disadvantages of various job options.

While it is true that career guidance should be based on a person’s unique talents and abilities, there are a number of additional aspects in the real world to consider, in addition to the most recent job market trends. Since current events and trends are constantly being highlighted in our counseling sessions, our career counselors are best equipped to give career guidance and advice.

What are you waiting for? Give us a call today to get started on your journey to a brighter career path!