Career Stroke

Appropriate, adequate, and well-trained staff is one of the most crucial elements of an organisation. Not only does it provide a semblance of professionalism but it also ensures that the essential functions of a company are performed with a firm hand.

But in an era of limited talents who are being constantly sought by competitive recruiters, how is it possible to conveniently meet your staffing needs?

The answer to this is turnkey staffing

What Is Turnkey Staffing?

Most companies either do not have the time or the resources to hire suitable professionals when the need is for a gamut of recruitments either for a new project or setting up at a new location. More so, with competitors offering attractive packages, highly qualified talent appears to be out of reach. This is where turnkey staffing offers a solution. It provides you with the right person for the right job, without incurring any extra costs and your precious time for the whole recruitment process.

How Does Career Stroke Help?

Career Stroke is the best turnkey provider in the industry today. Unlike other temporary agencies, we offer a multitude of benefits while taking care of your turnkey needs like:

  • We help our clients save their valuable time so that they can focus on their core business areas.
  • As a turnkey provider, we perform staffing functions from the senior most to the junior most levels of hierarchy.
  • We have finished successful turnkey staffing projects for clients who have relocated, expanded or started a new division.
  • Our staffing services are sector and region specific.
  • We conduct a detailed evaluation of the skills and experiences of a talent before hiring them.
  • We match them to the work which best suits their competency.
  • We aim to understand our clients in terms of their company profile and professional requirements.
  • We find smart solutions for our client’s staffing needs.
  • We offer both permanent and temporary recruitment staff.
  • We are not just another temp agency which offers interim solutions. Our solutions are lasting and enduring.
  • Instead of short-term associations, we harbour long-term relationships.

At a time when a lot of temporary agencies have cropped up, deciding which one to go to for is indeed difficult.

However, it is always better to opt for those who focus on both providing services and building relationships. After all, what is turnkey staffing if not an instrument of cultivating precious human resources!

Let Career Stroke help you find the right candidate with ease! Get a Quote!